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We have marketed the Santi tank containers in Germany since 1996 and we were the first to establish this tank manufacturer in Germany.

Santi is one of the largest and most experienced tank manufacturers in Italy.

The Santi tank module is a particularly interesting and attractive option when combined with an aluminium chassis, which is also manufactured by the Italian trailer manufacturer Menci. This combination of a three-chamber tank on an aluminium chassis and 6 aluminium wheels amounts to a mere empty weight of approximately 5,800 kilograms. This can even be reduced to 5,400 kilograms with the Berger “Light” model.

This empty weight is very small compared with the tank trailers of other manufacturers and the lightweight properties do not come at the expense of robustness.

The Santi tank modules are available as non-pressurised food tanks or as pressurised tanks of up to 2.2 bar, with one to five chambers and with or without heating.

In terms of technology and appearance, our tank container & chassis trailer combinations are far superior to those of our competitors. In the unlikely event of warranty claims, we guarantee to handle these with the highest level of professionalism.

We currently offer only used Santi tank combinations.